2009 December 19


Saturday, December 19, 2009
9:30 PM – 4:00 AM PST
Vanguard, Los Angeles, CA
Ages 21 & over

Ralf Kollmann
Apartment DJs
Kevin Venable

Main Room
Glenn Morrison

Event Description

RALF KOLLMANN is yet to put his name on any Mobilee productions — most likely because he spends his days running Mobilee records — but the glowing reception he has received as a DJ suggests he might just be the label’s secret weapon. Having founded Mobilee in 2005 alongside Anja Schneider, RALF KOLLMANN has been knee-deep in the development of the techno scene since the 90s and has since become one of the central nerves in the spine of electronic music that is Berlin. With a commitment to consistently pushing the label in dynamic directions, RALF KOLLMANN has been instrumental in transforming Mobilee from a small, homegrown imprint into a full-on music and entertainment enterprise. The true double threat, RALF KOLLMANN is equally adept at packing dance floors worldwide, where one can expect nothing less than tight track selection and even tighter mixing.

A veteran of the electronic music scene with a record collection unparalleled in its depth and magnitude, RALF KOLLMANN fills his sets with everything from stone-cold classics to the newest of the new—often including exclusive material—one the benefits of his position at the top of the techno food chain. While his podcasts and DJ mixes featuring the latest unreleased mobilee and Leena tracks spread around the world at light speed, RALF KOLLMANN himself has been busy with appearances at T-Bar, Harry Klein, Watergate, Panorama Bar, Weekend, and the Goya Festival. As RALF KOLLMANN’s vivacious sets continue to inhabit the world’s most renowned clubs, one thing becomes crystal clear: be it running a label or making people dance, RALF KOLLMANN hits all the right spots.